Customized solutions

The main services developed by GT ARTABRIA are focused on:


GT ARTABRIA is specialized in consulting and focused on processes and knowledge management. We base our work on the sectoral specialization. The main sectors in which our professionals are experts are: the Naval Sector, Timber Sector, Contact-centers and Logistics Control.

Analysis and Programming of software solutions

We provide our clients both with programming services and analysis and programming of customized solutions, and also with our product line, highly competitive in the market.


Development and Web Design

We count on a professional team which is specialized in design and development of websites, digitalization and content management

R & D & I

We are committed to constant improvement. Our team carries out a continuous research and training on new technologies.


Our services include not only the training on the products we implement for our customers but also the specialized training in different areas such as: programming languages, quality (both on management area and on IT services area), occupational risk prevention, languages, etc.

Maintenance and Improvement

Our goal is to be the technological partner of our customers. In order to achieve it, an important part of our business is focused on the maintenance of the products and their continuous improvement to provide our customers with quality products and facilitate the improvement both in processes as in efficiency. This services include not only the maintenance of our own products but also the products of the client.