ISO 9001 - ISO 20000
GT Artabria is committed to the quality both in the management area and in the services we provide our customers with. Therefore, ever since its inception, the company has made a great effort in order to guarantee the quality in the services provided to the customers and in the projects management. This effort is reflected in the two quality certifications we count on:


International Quality Management System (QMS)  ISO 9001 standard, applicable to the Design, Development and Maintenance of our solutions and products.

GT Artabria is certified with ISO 9001 since January 2011.

ISO IEC 20000-1


The Organizational Certification Scheme guarantees the quality of our IT Services Management System, applicable to our Technical Support Service and Continued Development and Maintenance of Bussines Management Proprietary Applications.

Our Company is certified with ISO/IEC20000 since August 2012.

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